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An area possessing some of the most biologically diverse rainforest on the planet has extraordinary research potential to reveal valuable insights into the past, provide foods and medicines and yield secrets that will ensure preservation [...]

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The complex and fascinating inner workings of an ancient rainforest extend beyond any presentation forum, other than the attention of the inhabitant human mind. Sharing revelations, through guided and interpreted rainforest walking tours, is core [...]

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Walk and Cruise

DR3 - Walk Cruise Combination This guided walk cruise combination immerses your party into the fascinating adjoining habitats of cassowaries and crocodiles.  Two-hour Grand Fan Palm Gallery Tour joins a 1-hour cruise through [...]

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Daintree Rainforest Spiders Daintree Rainforest is habitat to giant Golden Orb-weavers, Brush-footed Trapdoors, Ant-mimicking Spiders, Bird-dung Crab Spiders and an amazing diversity of other arachnids, as listed (below).  Because of the web requirements that penalise [...]

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Daintree Rainforest reptiles Daintree Rainforest reptiles include Australia's largest reptile, the Estuarine Crocodile and longest snake, Amethystine Python.  These two apex predators have a profound impact on ecosystem health and productivity. Magnificently adapted to the [...]

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