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Daintree Mammals - Cooper Creek Wilderness Daintree Rainforest mammals include marsupials, monotremes, dasyurids, macropods, possums and a rich diversity of placentals, including primates, bats, mice and rats.   The egg-laying mammals are seen very [...]

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Daintree Rainforest insects - Cooper Creek Wilderness Daintree Rainforest insects are as rich in diversity, primitiveness and endemism as every other Daintree class, phyla and kingdom.  The list (below) catalogues what has been established [...]

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Daintree Rainforest frogs Daintree Rainforest Frogs include the world's ancestral Hylid stock, Microhylids, Myobatrachids and Rana clades. Magnificently concealed for the greater part of the year, Daintree Rainforest amphibeans emerge in their thousands on nights that [...]

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Daintree Rainforest flora Daintree Rainforest flora contains the richest representation of primitive flowering plant families found anywhere in the world.  Daintree Rainforest also occupies the centrepiece of one of the world's three centres of endemism. [...]

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Daintree Rainforest Birds Daintree Rainforest Bird Phylogeny Palaeognathae - (Cassowaries) Casuariidae (Cassowaries) Southern Cassowary - Casuarius casuarius Neognathae - Galloanserae (fowls, ducks, & relatives) Galliformes (Megapodes) Brush Turkey (Alectura lathamii) Orange-footed Scrubfowl (Megapodius reinwardt) [...]

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Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations through education.  Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and [...]

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