DR4 – Greater Wilderness Experience

Greater Wilderness provides discerning travellers with deeper and more successful access into the centrepiece of the world’s oldest surviving rainforest, revealing tremendous insight into a remarkable landscape.

Spectacular old-growth rainforest is presented through the accumulated knowledge of the inhabitant guide. This intensive guided tour, through the awe-inspiring grandeur of majestic, World Heritage rainforest, presents the complexities of an ancient ecosystem, with the ongoing refinement in knowledge that only the greater part of a lifetime’s inhabitancy allows.  

The compulsory inscription of this strategically significant portion of World Heritage rainforest, included a human family.  For the past twenty-six-years, this human inhabitancy has applied a dedicated scrutiny to the rainforest, accumulating a depth of knowledge that is shared with participants on this in-depth immersion.  

The deeply-inscribed imprint of original human inhabitants, is revealed in a landscape devoid of rock-art.  Inscription within the living tissue of long-living trees, the deployment of tools onto the living cultural landscape where their utility is founded and an even greater depth of inscription into the DNA of the living landscape as a human artefact, all pay tribute to the ecological excellence of indigenous culture; a testament that reverberates by the conspicuousness of its absence.

Participants are consistently astounded by the depth of knowledge and the strength of the ‘Greater Wilderness’ impact.

Times: 8.30 am

Duration: 4 hours (6.5 km)

Minimum 2 pax.

Cost: $115/Adult, $100/Children (U/14 years)


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